What is Muck??

T-shirt for Muckers,

i take from indie band group called MUCK also...

malaysian indie rock..

want to hear their song??..Muck MySpace

their have nice song just heard it..

full biography

The band, first started as a side-project for Myo &Ducktoi in the middle of 1994 has now becoming a serious band after playing in lot of shows and gigs all over Malaysia since it formation. After various changes of line-up, Kujoy has join in permanently on guitar, with Feroz on board & officially filling the bass department. MUCK have evolved from a simple indie rock band to become more experimental with their music. Hence, MUCK have succeed in creating their own sound and style, and at the same time attracting more people becoming their followers due to their new, fresh & interesting sound.

For those of you who are unfamiliar and didn't have a chance to listen to MUCK before this, MUCK sounds can best describes as a late 80's & early 90's influence indie rock / lo-fi / college rock / post-punk / grunge / shoegaze / noise pop or anything in between. Among the bands that've inspired MUCK since the early days until now are Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement & Sebadoh. All the bands that have been mentioned above have helped MUCK musically in creating and finding their own sound. Since then, MUCK is recognized by a lot of people as a unique band because of their own identity, originality & style in the Malaysian indie/underground music scene.

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