Sorry,"For Not being Able Saving up more memories with you"

This drama bring tears to all soft hearted fans. A good melodrama to watch if you are prepared to be mentally affected by emoticons. It is a great opening of the drama and not confusing. The drama was shot in a snowy environment. Here's the drama sypnosis as usual.

Han Tae Woong (Hyun Bin) is a very intelligent student. He goes to a very well-known high school that only accepts smart students. He meets another student who's called the "genius child" and gets on his bad side. The two somehow become friends and enter Olympics for Mathematics. Everyone thought "genius child" was sure to win but to everyone's surprise it was Han Tae Woong who actually won.

Because of this, "genius child" commits suicide, and because of this guilt, Han Tae Woong leaves home and quits school altogether. Han Tae Woong was also supposed to meet this little girl that he met while he was at the library, but because of his friend's death, he was never able to make it to their promised location. What will happen to Han Tae Woong's future and will he ever meet her again? Nothing can melt their heart of ice. What is the sunlight that can melt their frozen heart? If the answer is love, is it too cliche? Tae Woong`s love (Hyun Bin) melted the heart of the ice princess, Bo Ra (Sung Yu Ri).

The focus of the drama was all on the hero and heroine. I thought the hero acted brilliantly for his soft role. He doesn't have that egolistic look but a sad looking face who once was quite bright and funny while in high school.

The heroine was good if not best at her performance on how an alter ego character changes into a more passionate kind person throughout the last few episodes of the drama.

I don't really like the 2nd hero's face to be honest though he's a nice guy who tried to protect his true love (the heroine). The hero's female admirer was okay but nothing much on her role.

All together I think the supporting actors and actresses played a moderate role but credit to hero's best friend (a genious too but well maybe just a number two genious than hero). The plot was fine and if there's any boring part of it, just maybe less than 3% of it. Nothing serious really. I think the love chemistry between the hero and heroine was great. Emotional? Yes! Funny? Slightly Yes!

The ending was like expected but still a logical one. The music was great and at least 5 out of 8 songs with singer are listenable.

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